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From its roots in 1990, Poynting Antennas has grown to become a substantial supplier of advanced antennas. The holding company, Poynting Holdings is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange's (JSE) AltX. Poynting Antennas has two main business areas:

Commercial, which manufactures low cost antennas for wireless networking and cellular end-user antenna applications, and RFID and Defence and Specialised which focuses on Electronic Warfare antenna solutions for the global defence, security and communications markets.

Poynting manufactures antenna products in the range of 3 MHz ... 8 GHz. On Our website mifi-hotspots.com we are offering all kind of Poynting antennas for mobile broadband GSM/3G/HSPA/LTE, WLAN and more.

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Poynting GSM 4-way splitter

Poynting GSM 4-way splitter
  • Full GSM frequencies
  • Low loss splitter
  • Good phase and amplitude balance
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