Poynting MiMo-4-V1 LTE, Wi-Fi, GPS 6dBi 5-9 in 1 vehicle antenna

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Poynting MiMo-4-V1 LTE, Wi-Fi, GPS 6dBi 5-9 in 1 vehicle antennaPoynting MiMo-4-V1 LTE, Wi-Fi, GPS 6dBi 5-9 in 1 vehicle antennaPoynting MiMo-4-V1 LTE, Wi-Fi, GPS 6dBi 5-9 in 1 vehicle antennaPoynting MiMo-4-V1 LTE, Wi-Fi, GPS 6dBi 5-9 in 1 vehicle antenna
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 The Poynting A-MIMO-4-V1-xx is a high performance omni-directional antenna that ensures you seamless, consistent and reliable 4G LTE/5G Internet connectivity. This high-performance transport and automation antenna consists of 2 to 9 antenna elements, depending on which version you take.

High performance with multiple frequency

Elements 2-4 are used for LTE MiMo functionality and provide an ultra wide frequency range from 617 to 6000 MHz. The cellular MIMO antennas cover all contemporary 4G/LTE bands and 5G bands for future-proof implementations. The ultra-wideband performance of the cellular antennas allows them to be used with different operators and technologies making the MIMO-4 ready for future cellular technologies up to 6 GHz for 5G applications.


The Poynting-MIMO-4-xx also offers dual-band Wi-Fi antennas (Elements 5-8), with simultaneous 2.4 GHz and 5 to 7.2 GHz on each antenna for 2x2 or 4x4 MIMO capabilities. In addition to the cellular and Wi-Fi antennas, the MIMO-4 also features a GPS/GLONASS antenna. This high-performance GPS antenna has a frequency range of 1575.42-1600 MHz and a gain of 21+ dBi.

Robust and weather resistant

The Poynting A-MIMO-4 features an impact-resistant, rugged PC+ABS housing with an IP69K rating. Thanks to this strong housing, the MIMO 4 can withstand salt water, severe weather conditions, harsh environments and vandalism.

Easy to mount

The powerful omni-directional antenna is compact in size so it is not conspicuous or takes up a lot of space. In addition to its convenient size, the MIMO-4 is also easy to install on site through the various mounting options the antenna offers. With the included brackets, you can mount the Poynting MIMO-4 to a pole, wall or it can be taped to a roof.  There is no need to mount the antenna on a metal baseplate. In addition to the city ground options, you also have the option of magnetic mounting with the Magnetic Base Kit (MBK-003) and Marine mounting with the Marine Bracket (BRKT-37). These options are optional and are not included.


Available versions





LTE Cellular

Elements 1 - 2

Elements 1- 4

Elements 1 - 4

Wi-Fi ports

Elements 3 - 4

Elements 5 - 6

Elements 5 - 8


Element 5

Element 7

Element 9


2x2 MIMO (LTE)
2x2 MIMO (Wi-Fi)

4x4 MIMO (LTE)
2x2 MIMO (Wi-Fi)

4x4 MIMO (LTE)
4x4 MIMO (Wi-Fi)

Coax cable loss

(LTE, Wi-Fi, GPS)

(LTE, Wi-Fi, GPS)

(LTE, Wi-Fi, GPS)

Coax cable length

2 m

2 m


Connector type

SMA - Male
(LTE, Wi-Fi, GPS)

SMA - Male
(LTE, Wi-Fi, GPS)

SMA - Male
(LTE, Wi-Fi, GPS)


Application areas

The main application areas for the Poynting MIMO-4 are for commercial and industrial vehicles, marine, M2M and other IoT systems. For example, the A-MIMO-4-XX is ideal for automation and telemetry for buses, trucks and public safety vehicles. Agricultural and agricultural automation applications. Broadband cellular to Wi-Fi distribution for Marine/boats and, thanks to its compact size, the MIMO-4 is great for fast and stable Internet in the RV or campervan during your travels.




  • 5, 7 Or 9 in 1 futureproof high performance antenna
  • LTE-MiMo, Wi-Fi and GPS/Glonass
  • 2x2 Or 4x4 MIMO
  • Frequency range 617-6000 MHz
  • Max Gain 6 dBi
  • Dual band Wi-Fi 2.4-7.2 GHz


In the box

  • 1x Poynting A-MIMO-4-V1-15, V1-17 of V1-19
  • 1x Ø25 Threaded Spigots (Up to 25mm clamping thickness)
  • 1x Pole/Wall Mounting Bracket
  • 1x Adhesive Surface Mounting kit
  • 2x RP-SMA-male to SMA-female adapter