Peplink Balance One Core

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Peplink-Pepwave-Balance-One-Core-Mifi-Hotspot (2)Peplink-Pepwave-Balance-One-Core-Mifi-Hotspot (2)Peplink Balance One CorePeplink Balance One Core
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  • Business dual-WAN router
  • Load balancing
  • WAN balancing and automatic failover
  • 600 Mbps throughput
  • Up to 60 users


Add a mobile backup to the xDSL connection with the Peplink Balance 20X SD-WAN Router SD-WAN Dual. If a single connection fails the user will not be disadvantaged due to the WAN Automatic Failover. Therefore, this router is extremely suitable for business environments. 

VPN Connections

The Peplink Balance One Core supports various VPN connections. Load balancing ensures a stable and secure VPN connection. The throughput speed of the Peplink Blance One Core adds up until 600 Mbps. This way you have fast internet, even when one connection is disrupted.

AP Controller

Manage the Peplink Balance One Core remotely with Peplink's AP Controller. Thanks to the easy-to-use interface you will have insight into reports and detailed event logs. In addition, you will have the option of setting up a customer hotspot using the Captive Portal feature. Easily determine the connection speed and data limits with the AP Controller for optimal use of your Peplink Balance router(s).

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What you will find in the box

  • Balance One Core 
  • 12V Power Supply