Peplink SpeedFusion

Peplink's SpeedFusion Technologie explained

With Peplink’s SpeedFusion technology, you can let your company’s VPNs benefit from the bandwidth of up to 13 low-cost cable connections, as well as DSL, 3G/4G/LTE and other connections connected to your WAN. Whether you are sending files or producing real-time POS data, video images or VoIP: SpeedFusion sends all your data traffic through one budget-friendly channel, which is extremely fast and easy to configure for any network environment. And with InControl 2, the Peplink service in the Cloud, you can easily set up a hundred SpeedFusion networks within minutes using a graphical PepVPN configuration tool..


With InControl2, a Peplink cloud solution, you can easily deploy a speedfusion network.


How Peplink SpeedFusion Failover works

Peplink SpeedFusion solution:

Te Peplink SpeedFusion solution consists of 3 technologies to solve specific network problems:

Hot Failover

Hot “Failover” is the technology, when your wan is disconnected, which ensures your datatraffic is automatically forwarded to another connection. In this way you stay always online without any interference.

Wan Smoothing

WAN-Smoothing is a technology, based smart algorithms, which prevent connectivity failures. No more loss of data packets in data traffic anymore. Wan smoothing minimises delays and ensusres connection reliability.

Bandwith Bonding

With this technology you can stack data on packetlevel and merge up to 13 internet connections. This enabeles an redundant data connection with a high bandwith (high speed internet).