CLF400 Ultra Low Loss Cable N-Female to SMA-male RP

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LMR400-ultra-low-loss-cable-N-Female-toSMA Male-RP-front-viewLMR400-ultra-low-loss-cable-N-Female-toSMA Male-RP-front-viewLMR400-ultra-low-loss-cable-N-Female-toSMA Male-RP-front-view-mifi-hotspotLMR400 N-Female naar SMA-Male-RPLMR400-Ultra-low-loss-cable-n-male-to-sma-male-mifi-hotspot
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  • CLF-400 Low Loss Cable
  • N-Female to SMA-male RP
  • Type: Straight, stiff material 
  • Material: Brass, Nickelplated
  • Cable CLF 400 Different lengths
  • Attennuation 0,128 dBi/meter



The CLF 400 cable has been specially designed for outdoor use. This CLF 400 cable is UV and water resistant, which makes the cable very suitable for outdoor environments. Furthermore, CLF 400 N-Male to SMA-male RP cable is produced of stiff and sturdy material.

While providing the solution for use in demanding environments the CLF 400 N-Female to SMA-Male RP cable is a high-quality option for 3G UMTS and 4G LTE applications. Compared to the well-known RG-58 double shielded Coax cable, the CLF 400 ultra Low Loss cable offers a reduced signal loss, causing the outdoor antenna a greater distance to the router or the Helium Hotspot Miner.


The CLF 400 ultra Low Loss Cable includes an N-Female to SMA-Male RP (see image above) connection. With the CLF 400 cable provides you with the possibility to connect a 4G LTE (MiMo) antenna, equipped with an N-male connector, to a 4G LTE router or a Helium Hotspot Miner - which in turn is equipped with an SMA-Female RP connector. In addition, you can easily extend an existing cable with the CLF 400 cable, with minimal signal loss. The attenuation is approximately 0.128 dBi/meter at 900 MHz. The CLF 400 ultalow loss cable N-Female to SMA-Male RP is available in different lengths.

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CLF-400 N-Female to SMA-male RP Low Loss Cable L=XX meter.