CLF195 Low Loss Cable N-Female bulkhead to SMA-male l= 5 mtr

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LMR-195-low-loss-kabel-N-Female bulkhead naar SMA-Male-mifi-hotspot-01LMR-195-low-loss-kabel-N-Female bulkhead naar SMA-Male-mifi-hotspot-01LMR-195-low-loss-kabel-N-Female bulkhead naar SMA-Male-mifi-hotspot-02
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The CLF-195 cable is designed for outdoor use and is UV and water resistant. The CLF-195 coaxial cable is flexible, bendable and has a lower signal loss than for example the well-known double shielded coaxial cable RG58. The CLF 195 cable is perfect for use in demanding conditions and ideal for 3G UMTS and 4G LTE. The CLF-195 Coax cable can be mounted in, for example, a cabinet by means of the bulkhead.

With the CLF195 Low loss cable you can extend a 4G LTE MiMo antenna connected to a 4G LTE router with minimal signal loss.  


  • CLF 195 Low Loss Cable
  • N-Female to SMA Male
  • Type: Straight
  • Length= 5 mtr
  • Material: Brass, Nickelplated
  • Cable CLF 195
  • Bulkhead